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  • Dr.

    Doctor Cassatt has 20 years of experience and is skilled in treating all animals big and small. She believes that preventative care is the best care and works hard to keep your pets and livestock healthy. Her four children are actively involved in the clinic and you can often find them helping out their mom, or doing chores around the farm. 

  • Shaya

    Shaya Grew up around farm animals and has a huge heart! She has five children and loves all the fur babies. She loves going out and working on the farm and taking care of the big animals!

  • Bill

    Bill over sees all aspects of the clinic and farm work. He loves animals and is wonderful help where ever and when ever he is needed.

  • Kyjah

    Kyjah has been an animal lover her whole life. From large to small Kyjah loves them all! Kyjah use to work with Dr. Cassatt years ago and she has returned to do what she loves and that is to be next to Dr. Cassatt learning something new everyday. You will often see her face behind the desk and hear her voice when you call our office. Kyjah is always there to help.

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